Giving Feedback The Right Way

The need for feedback is something that you will come across many times throughout the course of your life. In fact, knowing where you stand can be helpful when attempting to become a better student in your college courses or simply wanting to ensure that you are the type of employee in position to excel within your place of employment.

You will likely find that providing feedback is something that people tend to struggle with simply because of the idea that there are feelings which need to be accounted for. When a message is delivered in the wrong way, this can result in hurting the feelings of someone that you are working with. The result of this mistake would be placing distance between yourself and the person that you are simply trying to share a point of view with. It would be best to proceed with caution when you are giving others the thoughts that may help them to improve upon the things that they are doing wrong. Following a few basic keys may be the easiest way to deliver a message without feeling like you are harming anyone in the process. Always remember the importance of being positive when you are sharing feedback, this will get you a much better result in the long wrong.


Always Start With A Positive Feedback

Prior to telling the person what area of their performance could use adjusting, you may consider sharing something that they are doing well. While this can be difficult, you want to provide a point of view which is well rounded. People tend to be much more receptive to ideas when they are not seen as something that is being put forward simply for the purpose of being hurtful. Taking the time to mention one thing that they are doing positive would give you an opening to deliver your message with ease. Next, you want to simply share exactly what they are doing wrong and take the time to explain why it is not helpful to the overall goal that everyone is working toward. Leaders are most effective when they are able to ensure each person within the organization continues to work toward the same things.

When everyone is on the same page, this helps to ensure that things flow as smoothly as possible. This can be done by telling the person what they are doing wrong and simply letting them know what it is important. The top five things to remember on good feedback would be:

  • Mention the positives
  • Let the person know you value their work
  • Stay constructive
  • Refrain from attacking
  • Provide motivation to achieve goals

  • If you are upbeat and informative when you layout your suggestions, people are going to be driven to work harder on your behalf.

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