Community Service For Better Teamwork

Many types of work groups and employees exist in organizations, making it difficult to achieve effective teamwork. The marriage of community service and team building events is becoming increasingly popular. Team-building programs are beneficial to all businesses, no matter how large or small. Community service events break down the normal office barriers, allowing employees and management to participate and interact in an exciting new level, and to have a fulfilling day of camaraderie helping people within the community.

Employees Strive More And More For Non-Material Benefits

Community Service

Community service benefits individual team members, the organization, and most importantly, the community. Socially responsible team-building events build lasting impressions on team members by fostering loyalty towards the company that is giving back and making a positive impact through altruistic undertakings.

Modern workplace team-building programs need to appeal to the changing priorities of the workforce, as younger employees prefer working for a company whose values match their own. In other words, employees are increasingly looking for non-material benefits from their work, as opposed to trophies and awards that gather dust in the work cubicles. Companies can respond to the needs of the modern workforce by integrating community service initiatives into their team building strategy.

Organizing and implementing community service initiatives is like a microcosm of the corporate world, with individuals working together for a common goal, with limited resources and deadlines. However, unlike the workplace, workers can see immediate results that deliver benefits to people outside the company. Such initiatives help work colleagues get to interact and know each other better without the pressure of formal office networking.


Community Service As A Team-Building Event

Companies have many opportunities to utilize community service as a team-building event. Events may include building a community playground, building a home with Habitat for Humanity, renovating an after–school center, organizing a community clean–up project, walking for the Cancer Society, and many other socially responsible initiatives. In addition, companies may also ask their employees to plan and implement their own, unique service initiatives.

Participating together in community service allows co-workers to see each other in a new, positive light. When workplace hierarchies go out the window, new friendships form and new leaders can emerge. Working side by side on a volunteer project gives co-workers the opportunity to build stronger relationships that improve their communication and productivity when they resume their normal workplace duties.

Community service projects allow participants to gain knowledge, an integrated set of skills, and plans to enhance performance, renew team spirit, and improve team leadership. These skills form a stronger, more productive, and more aligned team.

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