This is an online network created by the UNDP as a tool for the sharing and storage of information, knowledge, lessons and experiences learnt by its staff members, staff from other United Nation agencies, consultants, alumni, retirees and trusted partners from all over the world who are invited.

Its first trial version was in use in May 2009. Within a period of 18 months it had over 7500 users. A fully working version was later released in November 2010 after positive feedback from its users. The collaboration of users of over 35 United Nations agencies is made possible through Teamworks.

How UNDP Teamworks works

Every member of staff of the UNDP has an account automatically and can access Teamworks using their full email address and intranet passwords from the Teamwork’s homepage. Non UNDP users of partner organizations request membership to Teamworks only if they maintain their own Teamworks domain otherwise they have to be invited by existing members into a particular work area.

Benefits and uses of Teamworks

It is an important platform where professional networks are formed and nurtured between colleagues where learning and innovation results to the benefit of every party.

It enables sharing and storage of knowledge and material like files, photos and video content in any language for the benefit of other colleagues now and in future because it also acts as a database where retrieval is possible. This is a secure medium for the safe dissemination of material to the intended persons within the network.

There is the possibility of creating online spaces for discussion and collaboration is one of the major benefits of Teamworks because interaction within this secure platform enables the exchange of ideas, experiences and material. This enhances friendly working environments because of the constant communication and the up-to-date information on one’s colleague’s activities.

It enables users to excel professionally because their work is open to many. The online discussions open up ways in which users expose their professional skills which increase their visibility. This opens the user to the possibilities of promotions to more challenging opportunities that suit their level of skills.

Teamworks promote inter agency cooperation between UNDP and other United Nation’ partners. It enables the users to find experts who they can consult on different issues to the benefit of all.

The platform also uses blogs and articles to spread information to many. This helps in the sharing of experiences because, when a blog is started the sharing of questions and concerns is made easy. The dissemination of information through press releases, latest publications and newsletters is made from this medium.

It is a tool for campaigns and advertisements which reach many colleagues which increases responses and participants. This is because the information is available to all UNDP staff across the globe. This helps the users in improving outreach and advocacy of their campaigns.

Teamworks enables users to generate news using Rss feeds that make it possible to get news from different sources. This saves the user’s time and keeps them informed.

Online interviews are possible where the users get to meet other communication officers from around the world.

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