There are many reasons why teamwork fails, and learning how to work around all of them can help to prevent it from happening. For any business finding a way to get coworkers to work as a team is essential if you want to have a productive, and efficient work force.

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Having a team of employees that works well together toward a common goal is a far better option than having a group of employees who are often at odds with each other. By fostering an environment where teamwork is prioritized, and learning about these 10 reasons why teamwork fails, you can create a work environment where great things can be accomplished.

1. A lack of leadership
The first reason why people often fail to work together as a team is a lack of leadership. Every team needs a leader to set expectations, and keep the group focused upon it’s goals. A leader should be able to provide positive reinforcement to help keep everyone motivated, and team morale up. However a team leader also needs to be able to hold people accountable. This doesn’t meant that they need to be mean and strict. Instead by setting clear standards, and being fair if discipline is needed, a leader can create the kind of positive environment where teamwork thrives.

2. The presence of disruptive personalities
Another reason why there is often difficulty in employees working as a team is the presence of disruptive personalities. Sometimes some employees are unhappy and disruptive, which can have a major negative impact upon the team of employees. It only takes one bad employee to cause major problems. If there is one of these bad employees in the group, and they cannot be reformed, then ending their employment for the good of the team will probably be necessary.

3. Lack of proper training
If you want your employees to work well as a team then you need to make sure that all of them have proper training. In addition to training new employees you should also conduct additional training on a regular basis to help reinforce company goals and policies. Ongoing training is a great way to make sure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities, and feel a part of the team.

4. Lack of defined goals
If you want a group of employees to turn into a team then you need to give the group a goal, and also give each team member individual goals. By clearly outlining what is expected of them, you can keep your employees focused.

5. Lack of incentive
One great way to motivate a team of employees is to give them an incentive to work together toward a common goal. You don’t necessarily have to award bonuses, but you can offer them something. Giving employees extra motivation to work toward a common goal can go a long way in the team building process.

6. Teammates strengths and weaknesses are not taken into account
In every team there exists a wide range of different types of people with different skills. By taking into account what each team member does well you can have them work on areas of a project that they are best suited for. On the opposite end of the spectrum team members who have a weakness in a certain area should be given help to bring their skill level up, or if necessary they should be assigned work that avoids this weakness.

7. Fear of failure
When employees are afraid that their mistakes will be held against them they are often afraid to help come up with new solutions. While there are certain types of mistakes that an employee should be held accountable for, there are others that should be viewed as part of a creative process.

8. Not enough team meetings
One of the biggest reasons why teamwork fails is that there are not enough meetings where open and honest communication is encouraged. During team meetings the leaders of the group should open the meeting explaining progress or setbacks. After this the team members should be encouraged to voice any concerns, as long as they do so in a positive manner.

9. Too much employee turnover
If you want to create an environment of confusion runs rampant and production is low, then having a high rate of employee turnover is the way to do it. Whether employees are quitting, or being terminated, constantly introducing new members to the team will keep them gelling together. Instead you should focus on retaining good employees, and eliminating the bad ones quickly. This way you can help to get your team together quickly, so they can begin to bond.

10. Individuals don’t feel included
For a team to be successful each member needs to pull their own weight. For this to happen they need to feel welcome, and appreciated. Make sure that you encourage an environment where communication is open and honest, and where team members are never punished for speaking up about a problem.

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