Qualities of Poor Leadership Revealed

The qualities of poor leadership are sometimes common in a versatile range of leaders. It is obvious that not everyone is born with good leadership qualities or traits and that is why it is normal to observe qualities of poor leadership in some leaders. When it comes to jot down the qualities of poor leadership, a lot of aspects and factors require considerable attention. A good leader struggles to serve his/her team/organization in the best possible manner and this motive requires some key leadership qualities. If a leader doesn’t possess majority of these qualities, then it reflects the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of his leadership style.

Ineffective and ineadequadeleadership qualities creates problems in the long run

Ineffective leadership qualities should be addressed properly in order to become a competent, successful and good leader. It becomes necessary to point out these ineffective leadership qualities which have the potential to hinder the progress of a leader and his organization. The great leaders with bad personalities cannot help a company or organization succeed in the longer run. They eventually become a burden on the fiscal resources of the organization. Following are the 10 characteristics of a bad leader which require proper consideration and focus:

10 Characteristics of a Bad Leader and Poor Leadership

Ineffective or Improper Communication Skills

Communication skills are the backbone of a successful organization and its leaders. A leader with laudable communication skills earns a very good reputation in the business markets. Communication skills matter a lot because the leader has to communicate, elaborate, and emphasize upon the goals, motives and vision of the organization. If he/she lacks proper communication skills, then the success and progress of the organization would be in jeopardy.

Improper Conflict Resolution

The top 10 characteristics of a bad leader also include ineffective or improper conflict resolution techniques. A bad leader is not capable of handling conflict situations. He/she may even worsen the situation by going in the wrong direction or by simply avoiding them. A good leader however, always adopts the to-the-point and direct approach to address the problem, based on his/her experience and knowledge.

Lack of Vision

A visionary leader is a must for the progress and betterment of an organization. A person with no ambition at all or very ambiguous vision and dedication can become a burden on the organization. A lot of poor leadership styles always have a major trait in them and that is the lack of vision and ambition.

Self-Centered Personality

One of the worst trait in poor leadership styles is being self-centered in every approach. Such a person always finds it difficult or impossible to take constructive criticism. They are very rigid to changes and create enough hindrance in the progress of an organization. Self-centered people always make a very bad leader and that is why they always have a negative repute in the market.

Failure to Appreciate

Some poor leadership styles include failure to appreciate or applaud other people in a workplace. A person who doesn’t want to appreciate others for their hard work, cannot expect honesty and dedication from his/her employees. That is where the term “great leaders with bad personalities” comes. Because sometimes these persons are good leaders but they have some bad qualities in their personality which directly affects other people around them. It affects the organization they are working in, in the longer run.

Lack of Focus

Ineffective leadership qualities also include lack of focus within a leader. A person with lack of clarity or focus cannot manage to lead his team properly and efficiently. And again, the organization would have to suffer ultimately.

Blame Game

The worst trait among the 10 characteristics of a bad leader is playing the blame game. If a leader cannot take responsibility of his/her decisions and continues to put blames on others, he/she will definitely find it difficult to survive in a competitive and dynamic organization. His/her employees would not be happy working in his/her leadership and the overall progress of the workplace would get disturbed.

Lack of Empathy

Ineffective leadership qualities also include lack of empathy for fellow workers or colleagues. Sometimes there are people which are recognized as the great leaders with bad personality in the business world. Lack of empathy is evident in those leaders. A person with a deep sense of empathy finds it convenient and essential to understand the problems, issues, concerns and happenings of those working around him. It gives him a great deal of knowledge and methods to cooperate with these people and to make the best out of them for the betterment of the organization.

Lack of Adaptability

Ineffective leadership qualities or poor leadership styles also result from lack of adaptability of a leader. If a person is not open to change and he/she is not willing to modify his/her concepts and ideas with the passage of time, he/she will surely become a liability for his/her organization. The success and progress of a company or organization depends a great deal on the new concepts and latest available information. Lack of adaptability makes it difficult for a leader to take these concepts.

Know-It-All Behavior

Some good leaders with bad personalities consider themselves a know-it-all person. It is impossible for a person to know each and everything about every matter. One should remain open to criticism, modification, learning, and upbringing even with the passage of time. It makes a very good leader to accept that no person can know each and everything.

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